Off-season? No problem!

January 19th, 2018 by

Steeler Nation is still all about those Fan Fridays…while they await the 2018 season!

Devon Ralph @steelercrue
@steelers #FanFriday #HereWeGo

Bert Haughin @BertHaughin
From way up high on the London Eye: Big Ben is under wraps, but you can’t stop Steeler Fans or @_BigBen7 !! Go Steelers!!

Miss6Rings @amandabattle87
@_BigBen7 Happy New Year Steeler Nation from the Heart of Steeler Family Jackson, MS Chapter. Also sending get well wishes to Ryan Shazier.

Danielle Santos @DaniHartz21
We’re a Steelers family!

I thought I’d share a picture of our little one, 15-month old Zoeigh, enjoying her first time out in the snow wearing her favorite STEELERS gear! She has been a fan in the making since the day she was born! I guess that’s what happens when she has a Mama who bleeds black and yellow! — Lauren Spence.

Mike @mike_maric
@_BigBen7 @steelers Hard to beat a day like today.

DonnyQ @patton_donny
A new year and family.

And from our neighbors to the North:

Greg, Lisa, Heidi and baby Amelia dressed and ready for 2018. We are the Berry and Danaj family from Barrie, Ontario, Canada! — Lisa Berry.

The Ben Roethlisberger Show

January 16th, 2018 by

Recap from Ben’s radio show earlier today, courtesy of 93.7 The Fan & CBS Pittsburgh:

7~151On the report by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette yesterday on Ben’s future –

“I’m just playing it one year at a time. I’m excited to come back next year. I know Ed said that he heard that some guys said something about me playing for another three years.

I’m not going to look past one year. I’m going to look forward to next year and give it everything I have.”

On whether he thinks Todd Haley will be with the team next year –

“I don’t have any control over the coaching staff…obviously that’s very apparent in a few years ago when B.A. was gone. You know everyone knows that we had a great relationship and he was still let go.

On his relationship with Todd Haley –

“There’s always issues in a competitive field like we have…you might butt heads at times, it doesn’t mean that you have any personal problems.”

On the team’s failure to convert on 4th and 1 and why they don’t have him run a quarterback sneak –

“I’d love to. I actually literally tuned in to you guys for two minutes and heard you guys and the fans bashing us for not quarterback sneaking and not believing me when I say that we don’t run it and I want to do it. Since it’s my show now, I can speak freely and tell you guys, my co-hosts, that I truly have never said ‘I don’t want to run it’ and I don’t have the freedom to check to a quarterback sneak because we don’t have that call if we’re not in the huddle.

“If you’re at the line of scrimmage, we don’t have a call to get to a quarterback sneak…am I supposed to whisper to everyone ‘quarterback sneak’?

“When we get to like the two-yard line, two point play, to spread the defense out and go empty and run quarterback draw. I’ve asked for that. He laughs at me and says ‘Ben, maybe in your younger days, not now.’ I still ask for those things. I would love the quarterback sneak. Hopefully we’ll get into more of it.”

normal_PiratesGame_061214_Ben_CutchOne teammates trash-talking and looking past the game in front of them –

“I wish guys wouldn’t do it, that’s one of the reasons that I don’t do social media…it’s unnecessary, it’s uncalled for.”

On Andrew McCutchen being traded to the Giants on Monday –

“I didn’t even know he was up to be traded! Just sad for fans, sad for all of us here in Pittsburgh because what a true class act and a gentleman and a baseball player.

He’s going to be sorely missed but I’m sure he’ll always be a Pittsburgh guy.”

You can listen to Ben’s full show here.

Hearing from Steeler Nation

January 15th, 2018 by

…as well as a few fans of other teams, and sharing many of their messages:

Karla White @kar_817

(*Thank you to Karla for the image too!)

The Dude @DaPapa35
I still love my @steelers @_BigBen7 had one hell of a game, the whole team had a great year.

“Top shelf BEN!!!” — Jim Kirby.

PlayGround @ytPLAYGROUND
The jags secondary was easily the best all year, and @_BigBen7 threw for how many yards? At the end of the day proud of my team.

Jeanne ‏@4JustJeanne
Thank you for another amazing 🖤💛🏈 season, @_BigBen7 you were absolutely incredible today!! @AB84 there are no words!!! As a Steelers fan I hold my head up high!!! Thank you!!! #BurghProud

“Stand proud Ben. You and the O have nothing to be ashamed of.” — Francie Coloutti.

James Walker @Jeem1227
Big Ben covers up a lot of bad coaching. And even his greatness wasn’t enough. Coaching on this team has been bad for a while

maura @mauras463
@_BigBen7 hope you don’t retire, but if you do i get it. thanks for everything!!!

Christopher Duffey @christophduffey
Win or loss, hell of a job @_BigBen7 carving up the “best” secondary in the league.

“We love u Ben!” — Precy Cadatal-Neatrour.

Andrew @SimplyAndrewC
@_BigBen7 you played a hell of a game couldn’t ask you for anything better

Christine Petroci @CPetroci
I said it before the game and win or lose I will forever love and chose @_BigBen7 as my quarterback!!! @steelers

“What a player Big Ben blames his self for the lost ,like he always does,never puts the blame on anyone else,has class ,God Bless you Ben,and keep the faith which I know you will.” — Lawrence Hare.

“Please let Ben know that he was amazing. We all really hope he comes back for at least another season, but we’ll understand if not. He’ll always be our guy (but please tell him he’s too young to retire!)” — Leigh Anne Claywell.

NINO @Glozzart
Nun but respect @_BigBen7

Never retire @_BigBen7

“You played a really good game Ben! We all make mistakes, it is best to learn from them and face everything. You are a great quaterback, a great leader and you have very good and talented teammates. Keep working to avoid making those same mistakes. Greetings from Mexico. Go Steelers!!!” — Alberto Guzman.

Sawyer Ebert @sawyer22hoops
@_BigBen7 still balling out like the legend he is

Michelle Miles @micdoggg
@_BigBen7 I will always be a Steeler fan. Rest up and enjoy your family. See you soon.

“Thank you, Ben for the great season. Yes, of course I wanted more but at least we got this far! I love the killer bees and the rest of the steelers! Glad that you are coming back next year because it wouldn’t be the same without you! Looking forward to next year. You all can only get better!” — Jenise Pichini.

Keri Blackburn @keriblackburn
@_BigBen7 thanks for the ride. It was a great season! 😉 see you next year,ok?!?

SWilson ‏@RareBird57
@_BigBen7 not your fault, great season, come back for another! Tremendous touchdowns today.

“Great game great season. Ben showed he still has his arm and drop them into his receivers like little bombs #steelernation“. — Shannon Gagovski.

@_BigBen7 Ben I was wrong last time I tweeted you. Your not a top 5 qb in the NFL… Your a top 3 qb. Please don’t retire. 1 more year bro.

samuel jayflick mara @sammarasco
@_BigBen7 very tough loss. Loved your no quit attitude. We got it next year. #7

“Thank you for the great season!!!! I am a fan always!!!! You did a great job!!” — Marie Sonner Supancic

Marilyn McClellan @leroy0602
Thank you for a good season @_BigBen7, @AB84 , @L_Bell26. Get some rest, enjoy the family & see you in camp. #SNUproud

Robert Wade @blknyellow4life
@_BigBen7 an the rest of the Steelers thanks for a great an exciting season see ya on the field soon

Bronson @bee_ronz
@_BigBen7 still has it! Just gotta keep that confidence

“Ben love you soo much, looking forward to seeing you next year!” — Donna Manahan.

Osiris CA @Osiriscea
@_BigBen7 Querido Ben que te puedo decir eres un grande entre los grandes como tu no hay dos eres único me duele el corazón por no poderte verte campeón pero todavía falta camino te amo desde el norte de México asta pittsburgh ánimo te amamos

Translated from Spanish:
@_BigBen7 Dear Ben that I can tell you’re a great among the greats as you do not there are two are single it hurts the heart to not be able to see you champion but still lack road I love you from the North of Mexico asta pittsburgh mood we love you

“Give God all the glory not only in victory but in defeat”. How awesome is this guy. Love this team.” — Nancy Lane.

“TOUGH loss today, but Steeler Nation is behind you 100%. The team had a great season, fell short today. Let’s tighten up the D in the draft, sign Bell, and go all the way next year.” — Brian Hendrickson.

🌹Malcolm X 🌹 @SHAQ10EDMOND
@_BigBen7 played his Heart out. He is not to blame at all. He did work today. He did whatever he could. Cant blame him at all.

Gabe Hilliard @GSH777
@_BigBen7 Loved your interview after the game, give God the glory in victory or defeat! Proud of u and all the players, and thank u all for another great year. I pray u have many more years left God willing. Like I told u before, God has big plans for u.

“Proud of Ben for battling today.” — Nick Bonnett.

Megan Herrmann ‏@Mrs_Herm17
Can’t wait for the 2018 season with @_BigBen7 🖤💛 Lets get ’em next year!

Kelly Shearer @Budkat8
Thank you @steelers for another thrilling season!!! Can’t wait til next year when @_BigBen7 leads us all the way!!! 🖤💛🖤💛 #steelernation

Ernesto Arredondo @earredondo1974
@_BigBen7 You did it great capt!

Cheryl Wilkerson @CherylW66922892
@_BigBen7 You played a great game. You are the best QB ever!!

“What a classy man….. we win as a team and lose as a team…..looking forward to next season….Love my STEELERS!! 🏈🏈🏈 — Kimberly J Donley.

Metal Head Gamer @deathbatfan21
Keep your heads up. You guys did great today. Next year you guys will come back better. Thank you for the great season @steelers @_BigBen7 @CoachTomlin @AB84 @L_Bell26 @TeamJuJu

“Much respect and love for my Steelers. Live to fight another day. Disappointed but you guys did a great job this season. Blessings to you all!!!” — Al Lynn-Brant.

Javier Reyes @Javier_ReyesG
More than ever I’m a @steelers fan and this will never change, @_BigBen7 @AB84 you are the greatest players of the NFL, and the next year is going to be our year!!! #Nevergiveup true @RyanShazier??? #HereWeGo

“Great Season. Class Act.” — Sam Fattori.

“Ben my family revolves around the Steelers. We have loved you since they drafted you. The loss against the Jaguars was super tuff to deal with but after a loss like that we never doubt you. You do not call the plays you just perform to the best of your ability with what you are told to do. You are an amazing QB and role model on the team. My husband has been a Steelers fan since he was a little boy. We hope to see you next year and hopefully bring our family back to Pittsburgh to let our girls experience a Steelers game with a Hall of Fame quarterback. We love you Ben!!!!!! Please come back for the 2018 season and win one with this super talented team! From your biggest fans in Idaho.” — The Carter’s.

And a wonderful way to finish the post – a tweet & collage from fan Dylan Loeffler:


Dylan Loeffler @dylanloe_
Great season. Great memories. Never a doubt in my mind this team played determined to win for 50 and DMR. Love this team and my city.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, posted to Facebook and emailed! #HereWeGo!!

Steelers 42, Jaguars 45

January 14th, 2018 by

Ben completed 37 of 58 passes for 469 yards and threw for five touchdowns. He talks about the loss to the Jaguars and about his future here.

Stop by later, have a lot of great messages from Steeler Nation to share.

We Shalieve

January 13th, 2018 by

Ben, Mike Mitchell and Vince Williams sat down with Andrea Kramer for NFL 360 this week to talk about just how important Ryan Shazier is to their team.

Hi Steeler Nation!

January 9th, 2018 by

Check out our awesome Steelers Snow Fort!!!


All we need to do is hang a Terrible Towel at the entrance and we’re done. Go Steelers! Go Daddy!! — Benjamin Jr., Baylee & Bodie.

Yeah, and Bodie has already been officially notified that this IS a fans-only Steelers Snow Fort, so he has to go back in the house and get Mommy to help him put on his Steelers hat or he won’t be able to come back in!! — Benjamin Jr.

Today is….

January 9th, 2018 by

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

Actually, shouldn’t EVERY DAY be?

Thank you to all those that protect & serve!

The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation seeks to support police and fire departments throughout the U.S. with a particular emphasis on support for K-9 units and fire service dogs.

Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

Jaguars vs Steelers next Sunday

January 7th, 2018 by

“I’ll give you guys one guess who you think I want to play…Obviously, any game that we’re going to play since it’s the postseason is going to be a difficult opponent, but I think just for me personally I’d love to just prove that five interceptions wasn’t me in that game.” –Ben, clearly talking about a rematch with the Jaguars.

Tune in next Sunday, Jan. 14th at 1:05 p.m. for the AFC Divisional Round Game at Heinz Field. The Jaguars, the No. 3 seed in the AFC, defeated the Buffalo Bills, 10-3, in the AFC Wild Card Game, and as the highest advancing seed will play the Steelers.

It will be a rematch of the Steelers 30-9 loss to the Jaguars on Oct. 8th at Heinz Field.

Ben there. Done that.

January 4th, 2018 by

“The ultimate goal is obviously the Super Bowl. In order to get there you have to get to the playoffs. To get here is an honor. You think of all of the teams that aren’t here and aren’t getting this opportunity. I just feel blessed to have an opportunity.” — Ben.

From Teresa Varley,

It doesn’t matter how long Ben Roethlisberger has played, the playoffs are still exciting.

Experience. Don’t think for one second that when it comes to the postseason that it doesn’t matter.

When the Steelers host their AFC Divisional Round Game at Heinz Field on Jan. 14, Ben Roethlisberger will be playing in his 21st postseason game. And it makes a difference.

“The speed picks up a little bit, the intensity, and mistakes are magnified,” said Roethlisberger. “Being there before helps.”

Roethlisberger recalls his first playoff experience his rookie year, when he helped to lead the team to the AFC Championship Game. While he was young and inexperienced then, he relied on the experience around him and hopes the same will hold true for the young players on this year’s Steelers roster.

“It’s been a while, and being your rookie year everything is such a whirlwind,” said Roethlisberger. “It’s a neat experience for guys, your city is excited, your team is excited, and the media is a little more. It’s a lot of fun because you know if you lose you are going home.

“I hope some of the young guys will be benefitted by being on a veteran team. I consider us a veteran team now. Having guys that have been there before to talk to, lead the way by example, definitely helped me.”

Benefitting from the bye: With the first-round playoff bye the Steelers don’t know who their opponent will be yet, but they are still spending this week on the practice field, working on different aspects of their own game.

“We are going to go out and execute our stuff,” said Roethlisberger. “We’re going to practice the two-minute drill today, go through some no-huddle stuff. Those things wouldn’t change no matter who we are playing.

“For us to get that work and get the feel back for each other will be good.”

The schedule the team is maintaining is the same one they do during a regular season game week, the only difference being there isn’t a game at the end of the week.

“Same schedule, same routine. I think that’s smart,” said Roethlisberger. “I think that way it doesn’t appear to be an unusual week.”

One of the best aspects of the bye is it’s an opportunity for players to heal some, to let their bodies have at least a small shot at recovering from the season.

“It feels good to let your body get healed up this time of year,” said Roethlisberger. “Everybody is banged and bruised up. We all have dings and bumps and cuts and bruises. Things like that. To get some time to get as healed as you can. No one is going to be fully healed by the time the game comes. But to get an extra week, two weeks of healing, is definitely beneficial.”

Roethlisberger did say he will watch football this weekend and keep an eye on who the Steelers potential opponent will be, but he also will enjoy some family time.

“I will watch a little bit. It will be on,” he said. “I am not going to sit there glued to my television and tell my kids go to the other room, but we’ll be sitting there. I will probably be playing catch with the kids, but it will be on.”

Take nothing for granted: Roethlisberger said that it doesn’t matter how many times you make it to the postseason, it’s still an exciting experience and one that you don’t take for granted.

“I know I still get excited,” said Roethlisberger. “You should never take these moments for granted. I remember hearing that my first year here from some of the veteran guys that hadn’t been (in the postseason) in a while. Don’t take it for granted, embrace it. I don’t know that you fully appreciate it.

“The ultimate goal is the Super Bowl and it’s been a while since I have gotten one of those and that’s motivating.”

You can watch the video from Ben’s weekly Q&A with the media here.

The Ben Roethlisberger Show

January 2nd, 2018 by

Recap from Ben’s radio show earlier today, courtesy of 93.7 The Fan & CBS Pittsburgh:

5167868b01144.preview-300It was a slow week for Ben Roethlisberger last week for the best of reasons as he was able to rest in Week 17 against the Browns and he joined “The Cook and Poni Show” for The “#1 Cochran Ben Roethlisberger Show” to talk about the added rest he’s getting and how the team is preparing for the playoffs.

“I had discussions with Coach [Tomlin] in the fourth quarter of the Texans game whenever I was out, I was standing on the sidelines talking to him I said, ‘Hey, I’m not sure what your thought is for next week, but I’d love to get some reps if you’re okay with that.’ He kind of looked at me and said ‘Let me think about it, I’ll let you know,’” Roethlisberger said.

Ben didn’t want to share the exact conversations he had with Tomlin, but admitted he tried to argue for some reps but was turned down.

Asked if there could be any rust after not playing for multiple weeks, Ben didn’t seem concerned.

“Having two weeks off is different than just having a bye week, but on the other hand it is nice to get your body rested up,” he said.

When it was pointed out that he’ll actually go three weeks without playing, he said, “This is the postseason, you’ve got to be ready to go and fired up.”

Looking ahead to who they could face in the second round of the playoffs, Ben admitted he has his sights set on one opponent in particular.

“I’ll give you guys one guess who you think I want to play,” Ben said.

When Ron Cook guessed Jacksonville, the team he threw five interceptions against earlier this year, Ben chuckled and said, “Obviously, any game that we’re going to play since it’s the postseason is going to be a difficult opponent, but I think just for me personally I’d love to just prove that five interceptions wasn’t me in that game.”

091917Aside from the playoffs, the other big story surrounding the Steelers has been the release of James Harrison and the former Steeler signing with the Patriots. Ben was asked if he saw the Harrison situation as a distraction as some of his current teammates spoke out against him.

“It was surprising when it happened, it was surprising when he got released, it was surprising that he went there. I stick by my comments that I made that week that I’ve been blessed to play a long time with James Harrison,” Ben said.

When asked about Harrison’s two sack performance in the Patriots’ season finale against the Jets, Ben admitted he didn’t even watch the game.

You can listen here to more from Ben about Antonio Brown’s rehab and get ready for the playoffs, his former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians announcing his retirement, and how he feels about Steelers’ offensive line coach Mike Munchak getting some looks for head coaching jobs already this offseason.


WHAT: Nothing at this time


WHAT: The ProCamps Ben Roethlisberger Youth Fantasy Experience
WHEN: June 18, 2017
WHERE: Steelers Practice Facility, Pittsburgh, PA.
REGISTRATION: Sign up here.


WHAT: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Celebrity Pro-Am
WHEN: July 11, 2017
WHERE: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort – Shepard’s Rock Course




9/10 @ Browns Win: 21-18
9/17 Vikings Win: 26-9
9/24 @ Bears Loss: 23-17
10/1 Ravens Win: 26-9
10/8 Jaguars Loss: 30-9
10/15 @ Chiefs Win: 19-13
10/22 Bengals Win: 29-14
10/29 @ Lions Win: 20-15
11/5 BYE N/A
11/12 @ Colts Win: 20-17
11/16 Titans Win: 40-17/NFLN
11/26 Packers Win: 31-28
12/4 @ Bengals Win: 23-20
12/10 Ravens Win: 39-38
12/17 Patriots Loss: 27-24
12/25 @ Texans Win: 34-6
12/31 Browns Win: 28-24