Wednesday’s chat with the media

September 19th, 2018 by

“When you are the best in the world you want to help win football games. We’re all a little frustrated because we aren’t winning right now.” — Ben on Antonio Brown.

From Teresa Varley,

NFL: Preaseason-Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans SaintsBen Roethlisberger knows what he has in Antonio Brown.

It’s pretty simple actually.

“He is the best in the world,” said Roethlisberger on Wednesday morning.

When you are considered the best by everyone around you, when you want to deliver for your team every game because you have such a passion for winning, a passion for perfection, you get frustrated when it doesn’t happen.

That’s exactly what happened with Brown on Sunday, when he was seen on the sidelines during the Steelers-Chiefs game arguing with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner. It was frustration coming out.

“I just talk to him (when he gets frustrated), tell him to stay with us. He isn’t the only guy that gets frustrated in games. We all get frustrated. Like I said, when you are the best in the world you might get a little more frustrated than others. AB is a very passionate football player. We all know that. The fans know that. That is what makes him special, his passion for this game and the passion to be great. We’re not going to want to take that away from him. When he gets frustrated in games, just tell him to stay with me, talk to me, communicate with me, let me know if I missed you on something, if there is a way you are getting open and I didn’t see it. Let’s just talk and communicate and he does a great job of doing that.

“It’s early in the season. It’s two games in. Guys did some things the first game, we had some elements that didn’t let me get him the ball as much as I should have. Last week they put some guys on him, but other guys were open too. I am not worried about AB. He will be just fine.”

More from Ben:

091918Roethlisberger, who isn’t on social media, said he has encouraged teammates to stay away from replying to those who are trying to get a response from them, but Brown has the right to reply as well.

“It’s the freedoms that we have in this country. We have the opportunity to say things we want,” said Roethlisberger. “I don’t do it. There have been times I have told guys try to be smart.

“Isn’t that the point of trolls, people that sit behind a computer in their mom’s basement or wherever they are, trying to bait you into saying things. I just think you have to be smart and rise above it at times.”

Roethlisberger knows Brown has no interest in being traded, that it was more of a reaction to comments made about him than anything.

“I was not worried. If I spoke to him and personally he reiterated those things to me, or if I felt like it was personally coming from him and not just a reaction, I would have a little more worry,” said Roethlisberger. “As of now I don’t feel any worry.”

Roethlisberger said the main thing for all of them now is to just focus on Monday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are facing a 2-0 team that is hot right now, and the only thing they want to do is turn around their slow start.

“We just want to win,” said Roethlisberger. “Every game to us is a must win. It’s a big one for us because it’s our next opportunity to go out and get on the football field.

“You just want to get a ‘W’ in that column. There is no panic. It’s just a matter of going out and focusing and making sure we do what we have to do to win the football game.”

You can read more & watch the video of Ben’s interview here.

The Ben Roethlisberger Show

September 18th, 2018 by

“I’m a better player because of A.B…I owe him a lot of my success. I’m not worried about where our chemistry will be.” — Ben.

Recap provided by 93.7 The Fan & CBS Pittsburgh:

011717Roethlisberger says while the team is angry and frustrated, he recognizes that it’s early in the season.

“You lose a game at home; you never want to do that. Obviously, you want to be perfect at home and make it really hard for teams to come play us at Heinz Field but really it’s early in the season. It just means we can’t go undefeated.”

Roethlisberger says AB will take his time to gather his answer and that whether or now Brown spoke yesterday, his teammates would still have to answer questions about it.

“He’s a competitor and he wants to be the best in the world and he probably is the best in the world and he wants to make every play and catch every ball and every touchdown, which is what every player wants to do. You know he took it out on some people and I give Randy [Fichtner] a lot of credit for not losing it on him but you know it’s just one of those things that I think in the heat of the battle and you’re losing the football game, it’s just tough on anybody.

“I don’t I think he just…it’s just another reason why I don’t do social media right? Guys get under your skin and find a way to do it,” said Roethlisberger. “I don’t think he wants traded. I’ll speak with him tomorrow and maybe I’ll have a different answer after that but I don’t think that.”

Roethlisberger says that a lot of the currently players only know social media and says “it’s hard to break habits and they enjoy using their platforms to reach fans and there definitely is some good that comes with it but I think if you’re going to do it you have to not get caught up in reading all the extra tweets . . . where you get in trouble is when you start responding to other people.

Roethlisberger says he doesn’t hear about most of the off the field and social media antics until later because he doesn’t have a social media presence.

“A lot of stuff I don’t know about until other guys in the locker room tell me about it because they’re on (social media) . . . I guess as an old school guy, I just kind of shake my head and say man it’s crazy how times have changed,” said Roethlisberger.

While the distractions can be bothersome, Roethlisberger doesn’t think that the off field antics are a distraction when their on the field.

“You got to this level for a reason right? You got here because you’re talented. You’re able to put things behind you. You’re able to focus . . . I would hope that guys would be able to do that and really just go out and do your job and put the off the field things behind you and really just focus on your brothers and trying to win for them.”

On the field Brown has been a target 33 times with 18 catches so far this season, a much lower percentage than normal.

Roethlisberger says he believes it’s a combination of all the double and triple and his accuracy.

“There are times that I’ve forced a couple balls to him instead of taking someone else…so I’ll take the blame for the low completion percentage to him and I’m not worried about our chemistry. I don’t know if he got fired up with the tweet me getting credit for him but I’m a much better football player because of A.B. I owe him a lot of my success.”

You can read more and listen to Ben’s full show here.

Week 2: Chiefs 42, Steelers 37

September 16th, 2018 by

“We had to score points. When you get in a hole like that you have to score points and score quick. It makes you run the no-huddle and throw the ball every play pretty much. I am proud of the way the guys fought to the very end.” — Ben.


From Teresa Varley,

The Steelers dug themselves into a hole early, and weren’t able to fully get out of it, losing to the Chiefs, 42-37, at Heinz Field.

The Chiefs scored on their first three possessions to go up 21-0, while the Steelers offense wasn’t able to muster anything early on. Despite fighting back to tie the game, 21-21, and again, 28-28, they couldn’t hold off the Chiefs.

The offense started slow, but came to life late with Ben Roethlisberger completing 39 passes for 452 yards and three touchdowns. Jesse James, the Steelers Digest Player of the Week, had five receptions for 138 yards and a touchdown, while JuJu Smith-Schuster had 13 receptions for 121 yards.

You can read more from Ms. Varley’s recap here.

You can watch the video of Ben’s post-game interview here.

Ben Stat:

#7 passed Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway (his childhood favorite) for seventh all-time in career passing yards.

Ready, set, smile!

September 15th, 2018 by

Picture Day for the 2018 Steelers:

The Captains & the Coach.

The Quarterbacks & OC Randy Fichtner.

The Franchise & the OC.

#7 & Coach T.

Stop by and check out all the great behind-the-scenes photos taken by Mr. Karl Rosser & Ms. Rebecca Mehling!

It’s a Lil’ Fan Friday

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…and we have two future Big Ben’s on today’s roster!

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Wednesday’s Q&A with the media

September 12th, 2018 by

“I want to send prayers & thoughts to all those out there that might be affected by this hurricane. I think it’s important we all think about those people…our thoughts & prayers are with you”. — Ben.

From Teresa Varley,

“It just got hit,” said Roethlisberger on Wednesday morning. “It’s bruised. It will be fine.”

Roethlisberger injured the elbow in overtime of the Steelers 21-21 tie against the Browns, when he was hit on the second to the last play of the game, a strip sack by rookie Genard Avery.

Roethlisberger said he doesn’t expect to miss any time with the injury, other than maybe a little bit of practice time today as the Steelers prepare for their home opener against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The latest trend in football is the offense running the ‘RPO,’ which translates into “run-pass option.” It’s basically when the quarterback makes a decision to run or throw on a play that is designed with options available for both.

It’s an option Roethlisberger likes to have at his disposal, and one he said they need to work on more as they get accustomed to using it.

“That seems to be the hot topic in football now, whether it’s the NFL or college,” said Roethlisberger. “Sometimes it’s just prudent to try things. You can ask receivers to block guys that come down, or you can ask them to run a route and if it’s open you throw it. It’s a little new for me. We have done some of it in the past. It’s something I have to get used. I missed an early one to AB (Antonio Brown), just understanding how fast guys can get there. He got there a lot quicker than JuJu (Smith-Schuster) did later. It’s still going to take time for me to get used to it and perfect it. I am going to work at it because it can be good as we saw.

“It gives you options. It’s one of those things where you can hand the ball off with eight or nine in the box and beat your head against the wall sometimes. Or you can find a way to fake it and throw it to a guy that’s open. When it works it’s really good, when it doesn’t you have to figure something out.”

More from Ben:

On the Chiefs defense, which has a lot of new faces since the Steelers last played them:
“A lot of new faces. I spent a lot of time thinking about the Chiefs and the defense. We faced them a lot the last few years. There are a lot of new faces, especially corners, secondary, d-line, there are still some familiar outside linebackers getting the pass rush. It’s definitely a different looking defense.”

On rookie James Washington learning the offense fast:

“If you think about it they need to learn the offense, the hand signals, the no huddle stuff. There is a lot to learn. You ask guys to do a lot of things. We asked JuJu to do a lot because we moved him around and asked him to play multiple positions. It’s hard enough to learn one position. But James is getting it. He is learning. When I test him out there on the field he gets it. He understands it. Now it’s just translating it to on the field stuff.”

On Vance McDonald:

“Vance is a really good weapon for us. We hope to have him out there soon. He has to be smart and get out there when he is ready to go. We can’t afford to do something crazy and have him out for the whole season because he is a very vital part of this offense.”

You can watch video of Ben’s interview here.

The Ben Roethlisberger Show

September 11th, 2018 by

“We turned the ball over six times which is crazy to even think you have a chance to be in a game, an NFL football game with six turnovers?” — Ben.

Recap provided by 93.7 The Fan & CBS Pittsburgh:

091118Ben Roethlisberger says Sunday’s game against Cleveland was a “crazy game all around” and it felt like a loss to him.

“Anytime you don’t win a football game it feels like a loss so it was tough coming home and then yesterday was tough. You know you didn’t lose but you also didn’t win so it definately hurts.”

Roethlisberger says the biggest thing he takes away from Sunday is all of the turnovers.

“It’s such a negative in that sense but there’s also a positive that we were still in the game and I told our defense after the game , thanks to you guys for keeping us in it and special teams for helping us not lose it.”

While Ben is disappointed to not come away with the win he says there are good things to take away from Sunday’s tie – like the play of James Conner.

“Running the ball, catching the ball, doing some great things out of the backfield, and I think with all the different looks we were getting upfront from the Browns and I think our communication was great, no pre-snap penalties on a road game like that, hostile environment, so there definitely some good things to take away from it.

A lot of people point to his lack of playing time in the preseason for the mistakes Ben made during the game Sunday, but he doesn’t think that played a factor.

“I think the first interception, the first interception was me just getting a little anxious to get the ball to AB. The guy made a great play!”

On the second interception, Ben says he just misjudged where Antonio Brown was going to be and that has nothing to do with playing in the preseason or not. The third interception just went through Jesse James’ hands with the weather affecting that one and the fumble in OT, “When guys come behind you and you can’t see them I don’t care how many reps you get, you’re not going to be able to do much about that.”

In the second quarter Ben took a hit from Browns defensive end Miles Garrett that was flagged for a ‘roughing the passer’ penalty and Roethlisberger says he didn’t think there was anything wrong with the hit. The NFL confirmed Monday that they made a mistake on the call.

“I wasn’t upset about it. I was surprised when they blew it but I wasn’t going to go crazy about it. I don’t understand why the NFL has to come out and say that? They sure as heck didn’t come out and say that the ball DID hit the guy in the helmet on the punt. Do they have to come out every call that they make wrong in games, do they come out and say it?”

091118_1Ben says he talked to James Conner the night before the game and was really happy for him when he scored that first touchdown saying, “If you get a first down don’t get up and do a celebration, go pat one of the [linemen] on the helmet. You score a touchdown don’t do a dance or do something crazy go jump in a lineman’s arms and have fun and he was like ‘Ben, I was already planning on it’ so it was great that we was already in that frame of mind.”

Roethlisberger says he talked to Conner after the game and while he was disappointed about the fumble he was happy to get that first game out of the way.

Ben says he has still not spoken with Le’Veon Bell and that he is moving forward as if he won’t be there.

“I’m not even setting expectations so that I can’t be excited or disappointed. I’m just proceeding this week like we did last week with James and the rest of the guys in the building.”

If you have a few minutes, listen to the audio of Ben’s show here, it’s worth it.

First game is a tie: Steelers 21- Browns 21

September 9th, 2018 by

“If you don’t win, it feels like a loss…You can’t win a football game if you turn the football over that many times.” — Ben.

You can read the recap from the Steelers here.

You can watch a portion of Ben’s post-game interview here.

Nothing but love for #7

September 7th, 2018 by

From Teresa Varley,

120517There was a point last season when Ben Roethlisberger uttered the words, “Maybe I don’t have it anymore.”

As we all have learned, the words couldn’t be further from the truth.

Roethlisberger proved time and time again last year that yes, he certainly still has it, and entering his 15th season in the NFL, he just keeps on shining.

“I am telling you, No. 7 is magical,” said Ramon Foster. “He is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Every organization doesn’t have those. We are very, very lucky.

“Ben is the guy. He is a gamer. Whether he is playing pool, whether he is shooting basketballs in the garbage can. I think our offense starts and ends with him. To have us all collectively up front with a general like him behind us, the sky is the limit for us.”

Maurkice Pouncey, an offensive captain along with Roethlisberger, knows how good the team has it with him as their quarterback.

“The things he does, the way he operates himself, the way he throws the football,” said Pouncey. “You don’t appreciate it enough when you are playing. When we are all said and done, and sitting at the house and all the younger guys are playing, we know we had the opportunity to play with one of the best ever.”

If there is one player who has benefitted the most from Roethlisberger’s talents it’s Antonio Brown, and he is thankful to have him as his quarterback.

“Mentally physically, spiritually, he is gifted in all three phases,” said Brown. “Physically there is nothing he can’t do, nothing he hasn’t seen, nothing he hasn’t faced. He is the general. He has been doing it for 15 years. He is a Hall of Fame player. There is no one else better playing.”

You can read more from Ms. Varley’s Steelers Report & watch video of her interviews here.

And the award goes to…

September 6th, 2018 by

Today Ben announced the first grant award of the 2018 season from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation at The Giving Back Fund.

The Foundation will be distributing a grant to the North Royalton Police Department, just south of Cleveland where the Steelers will play the Browns on September 9th.

The North Royalton Police Department will use the grant funds to purchase a K-9 as well as a vest and kennels for the dog as they prepare to re-establish their K-9 unit.

During the 2018 NFL season, Ben’s Foundation will be distributing grants to K-9 units of police and fire departments in the cities and surrounding communities of each regular season away game for the Steelers. The Foundation will also distribute several grants to the Pittsburgh area. In late Spring Ben invited police and fire departments across the country to submit proposals to his foundation detailing their needs.

This is the 12th season that Ben’s foundation has distributed grants to K-9 units. His mission is to support K-9 units of police and fire departments throughout the United States, with a particular emphasis on support for service dogs in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation distributed more than $170,000 in grants to K-9 units around the country during the 2017 NFL season, including $82,000 in the Pittsburgh community. The Foundation has distributed in excess of $1.92 million since 2007.

“The City of North Royalton and The North Royalton Police Department would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for awarding our Department this grant to fund a K-9 unit. This addition to our Police Department will assist us in continuing our mission of providing a safe community for visitors and residents. We truly appreciate the support shown to the Law Enforcement Community across the country by Mr. Roethlisberger and his Foundation.” — Bruce G. Campbell, North Royalton’s Director of Public Safety.

In commenting on why the mission of the foundation is so important to him, Roethlisberger said, “We’re very fortunate to be in the position that we are able to help these K-9 units. The work that is performed by the dogs and their handlers as well as the bond that is formed is incredible. We’re just thrilled to do our small part.”

For more information about the Ben’s Foundation or The Giving Back Fund, please contact Jessica Duffaut or visit

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SarrisCandies_PittsburghBlack&Gold_ws_260You can support future K-9 grants by purchasing candy on Sarris Candies’ website, (!

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Sarris has teamed up with Ben once again and will donate 25 percent of the purchase price to the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. That’s a sweet deal!

Thank you to Sarris Candies!


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